UKISATO at GO OUT Festival at the end of September!
Since 2015, YUKISATO has been operating its “inaka” office in the countryside of Jyoetsu, Niigata. The YUKISATO Lab renovation turned a rusty garage into a hip café space for young and ambitious minds to congregate and grow their talents.
We will be showcasing our Yukibancho Rice and Yukisato Rice Straw art combined with local Japanese sake at GO OUT Festival in Shizuoka (September 28, 29, 30).
Our enthusiastic staff and I will be looking forward to seeing you all there!


雪番長米❄️始め、お米に関わるものでつくるYUKISATO 藁アート(artist 高橋 真弥) 地元のお酒など当日の準備も少しづつ始まっています。



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